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This intensive, one-day course provides participants with the tools to prepare and revise their manuscripts more efficiently using Microsoft® Word 2000. It includes features that have been introduced to individual authors by RnD Technical during the edit of their manuscripts; in every case, the reception was enthusiastic (“Wish I had been aware of these previously!”).

The aim of the course is to show you the easiest way to accomplish the necessary tasks involved in preparing a scientific manuscript. Easiest for you and easiest for the person who may have to remove any unnecessary formatting. This ‘win-win’ idea is important. We don’t discuss anything that makes the job of a desktop-publisher easier and causes more work for you. At the same time, we take great care to ensure that a feature intended to save you time won’t make extra work for a desktop-publisher.


Participants must have a basic understanding of Microsoft® Word and Excel® because operational fundamentals will not be covered. It is important to know how to create, open, print and save documents, how to navigate through a document, and how to switch between views.


bulletfile backup and crash recovery
bulletdocument properties
bullettemplates, specifically how to take maximum advantage of a customized template
bulletstyle tags
bulletdocument map
bulletcaption generation
bullettable of contents generation
bulletcreating tables (in Word and Excel®)
bulletspelling and grammar checker (including custom dictionaries)
bullettracking revisions and versions (Track Changes, Insert Comment and Compare Documents)
bulletviewing two parts of the document simultaneously
bulletselecting large amounts of text easily
bulletusing the multiple-item clipboard
bulletcontrolling bad line breaks
bulletcustomizing toolbars
bulletbacking up Word’s user settings
bulletusing outlining to plan and prepare a document
bulletquirks of Word 2000



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