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RnD Technical has found that the following websites can be helpful in resolving questions that arise during the preparation and editing of geoscience publications. The links on this page are checked each time this site is revised, but it is still possible that some of them could be broken.

Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE)
n international professional association dedicated to the exchange of ideas on selection, editing and publication of research manuscripts, journals, serials, periodicals and maps pertaining to the earth sciences.

Geoscience Reporting Guidelines, by Brian Grant
A careful comparison of this new style guide (published in 1999) with several others indicates that it is superior to any of them in every respect. It has obviously been written by an editor with considerable experience in the preparation of reports for both government and industry. Among its many strengths are the following:

bulletIt takes a common-sense rather than pedantic approach. For example, it doesn't try to include a complete course on grammar, which editors don't need and authors are never going to read or use.
bulletIt includes far more practical information of use to a geologist than the others (e.g., guidelines for illustrations, a chapter on the digital world, another on peer review and editing, and a fairly detailed geologic[al] time scale on the back cover).
bulletIt includes the simplest and most sensible reference format of any style guide, one that will be easily followed by users from a variety of disciplines.
bulletPerhaps most important, it is easy to find things, using either the logically arranged table of contents or the extensive index.

GSC Guide to Authors, Geological Survey of Canada
The online version of the GSC's well-known style guide

National Instrument 43-101, Alberta Securities Commission
Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Exploration, Development and Mining Properties

USGS Suggestions to Authors, United States Geological Survey
The USGS's style guide available for downloading as PDFs

Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms, United States Geological Survey
Based on the U.S. Bureau of Mines Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms, published on CD-ROM in 1996.

Glossary of Mining Terms, Kentucky Coal Education
Source of glossary not cited.

Links to dictionaries and other resources of use to geologists and miners,

Oil and Gas Units of Measure, POSC
It's interesting that the American Association of Petroleum Geologists "came down hard on their authors" and specified that all authors were to use the SI-type multiples for expressing volumes of oil and gas.


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